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ERDAW is extremely proud to be exclusive partners to SENSIA SOLUTIONS , SPAIN and bring in to India most versatile & powerful SMART MONITORING – 24/7 solution that meet the environmental, safety ,security needs of every industrial application

We are delighted to introduce to our customers in India and across the world with a breakthrough & disruptive technology in the field of Infra-Red Imaging Camera which can be used to cover industrial, environmental, safety & security applications. We are proud that ERDAW technologies have partnered with a Spain based technology company M/s Sensia Solutions as their sole & exclusive partner to bring this technology, product & solutions to India region.


Further this is a technology which translates the human interpretation of the Infra-red imaging to artificial vision, creating huge potential in a single multifunctional device to monitor Gas Detection, Gas Quantification, Surveillance, Man down Alarm, Flare Monitoring, Flare efficiency, Fire detection, Flame thermography, Liquid detection, Fever screening. In a nut shell, it is Intelligent thermography solution which can find multiple application in any industry. 

SENSIA SOLUTIONS – CAPABILITIES Smart Monitoring – 24/7 – See what we can do ?

Gas Detection

High detection probability and low false alarm rates

Gas Quantification

Detect and quantify the flow rate of the leak


Advanced analytics based on people tracking

Flare Monitoring

Real time performance monitoring and early detection of liquid carryover

Flare Efficiency

Smoke index warning, destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) indicator

Flame Detection

The most reliable tool for fire anticipation and early warning

Spill Detection

Non-volatile hydrocarbons and liquid tanks monitoring

Smart LDAR

Take leak detection and repair to the next level

Elevated Body Temperature

Smart remote Temperature Screening solution

Intelligent Thermography

Automatic temperature control system based on high accuracy thermography

Furnaces Inspection

Provide better viewing angles of furnace tubes and check thermocouples performance

Tank Leveling

Remote and automated tank level monitoring without opening the thief hatch

Select the right Sensia product & solution for your right industrial application.

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SENSIA’s RedLook is an innovative automatic gas detection and alert software. RedLook can be implemented in SENSIA’s line of fixed systems for 24/7 monitoring. This comprehensive Monitoring system presents a series of innovative capabilities assembled under a single control software. RedLook enables exhaustive monitoring and real-time alerting. Highly versatile, allowing to configure several Regions of Interest (RoI) within the area to be monitored. And to each one of them, to assign a functionality, granting a total and safesurveillance of the installation. RedLook is the next method to monitor large, remote and difficult access areas: Natural Gas lines,tank inspections, plant safety and many more.