Firefly Fire Detection & Suppression- Process & Infrastructure Safety

ERDAW has PARTNERED WITH FIREFLY , SWEDEN to bring into INDIA the best-in-CLASS solutions in Fire prevention  & suppression for process & industrial safety applications.

  • Spark detection system
  • Quick suppression system
  • High speed fast water mist systems
  • Planer guard
  • Press guard
  • Sander guard
  • Shredder guard
  • Conveyor guard
  • Wood pellet protection
  • Tissue solutions
  • Electronic nose – multi gas detector
  • IR Guard
  • Turbine guard
  • Bakescan 

Firefly is a Swedish company that provides industrial fire prevention and protection systems to the process industry worldwide. Since 1973, Firefly has specialized in creating customized system solutions of the highest technical standards and quality. Based on customer needs and research Firefly has developed and patented products and solutions, creating a unique portfolio of innovative products and system solutions to increase the level of safety.

Firefly has two business areas: Industrial applications and Infra systems (Sentio®). Industrial applications include customized fire prevention systems, which monitor industrial processes in areas such as woodworking, tissue, food, bioenergy, and recycling. The business area of Infra systems includes early fire detection in subway-, train-, road or cable tunnel systems by means of multiple-gas detection (MGD).

Sentio® is a new innovative detection system offering a unique solution for protection of humans and assets in underground environments. 

Every day, millions of people worldwide use underground infrastructure such as subway systems or road tunnels. When a fire develops underground, the situation can rapidly become very dangerous! Up to today, protecting underground environments against fire has been proven difficult. High air flows, moisture, dirt – underground conditions are often tough.

The Sentio® system consists of extremely sensitive sensors, originally designed for the aerospace industry. Now developed to endure tough underground environments, the Sentio® sensors have the ability to detect fire related gases and fuel leakage. This facilitates early detection of fire incidents as well as the suppression of known disturbances such as exhaust fumes from diesel engines.

Sentio® is developed by Firefly AB in Sweden – one of the world’s leading supplier of fire and explosion protection systems for the process industries