Industrial Personnel Bio harness & Life signal monitoring Solutions

Equivital ’s eq02+ Life monitor is a wearable solution which enables one to measure Realtime human health data accurately and precisely while in motion.

eq02 + Life Monitor monitoring system comprises of Sensor Electronics Module (SEM) and a sensor belt. SEM comprises of variety of high quality inbuilt physiological parameter measuring sensors and data is recorded via a compact and unobtrusive sensor belt, leaving Personnel free to move naturally. The Sensor Belt and Module can record 2 channels of ECG, breathing rate, high-resolution tri-axial acceleration, and skin temperature. Wired and wireless ancillaries allow recording of additional parameters, such as core temperature (recorded by an ingestible pill), galvanic skin response, and oxygen saturation. Data can be transmitted in real time from the SEM, via Class 1 Bluetooth, to a mobile phone or computer, for viewing and analysis.

eq 02 offers Up to 48hrs battery life from integral power supply, with hot swap ancillary power packs for extended monitoring and can log data continuously up to 50 days by making use of inbuilt 8GB memory. 9 belt sizes to cater for different body types.

Ex-eq02 + Life Monitor is the intrinsically safe certified version of Eq02+ Life monitor. All the operational and design features of the product remain same . The intrinsically safe version of the product conforms to UL Standard 913, Certified to CSA Std C22.2 No. 157, Class 1 div 1, Group C & D, T4 Exia, -20°C, = ta = + 50°C. The intrinsically safe SEM is yellow in colour and the intrinsically safe belt is appropriately marked.

Eq02 / Ex Eq 02 find its application in various domains such as Sports Research, Military, Hazardous Area Emergency first responder and Industrial lone worker life sign monitoring.

Black Ghost

Black Ghost enables real-time health and safety monitoring of your team in the most challenging and hazardous environments. When your team is deployed Black Ghost enables real-time location tracking and the remote triage of all your team members, especially protecting those at high risk – wherever they are. With two options available, you can access data in real-time with Black Ghost Live or retrospectively using Black Ghost Track.

Black Ghost Live brings real-time data from all your team members together in one easily accessible place. Oversee the wellbeing and safety of everyone remotely when they are out in the field. Black Ghost Live enables real-time and predictive heat stress monitoring of the individual and your team. Black Ghost Live provides real-time GPS data for each individual, no matter how many team members you have. Create geofences and hot zones to further protect your team

Black Ghost Track enables you to start using Black Ghost without any real time infrastructure requirements. Collect data during your team activity, download it to the Black Ghost software and analyse it back at base. Issue Life Monitors to all your team members during training and review the impact of training regimes on their physiological data helping you to tailor specifically to the individual.