User-Friendly Informative Display

UESTCO New Generation LNG Dispenser has a 15” Sun-Light Protected 1200 NIT Screen which also guides truck drivers to ease the LNG refueling process. English proficiency is not mandatory; all languages are available. 

Smart Refueling System

It utilizes the high-tech UESTCO electronic board design, managed by intelligent algorithm for absolute control on refueling process. When tank is fully loaded auto-stop mode is activated automatically. Equipped with fast error-warning system. 

Online Monitoring and Diagnosis 

It can online monitor all diagnosis via Modbus. The system has additional precautions for scenarios such as: possible gas leaks, hose break-off and pressure imbalances. 

In-House LNG Refueling System: Modulo®

In-house refueling systems are the most suitable LNG refueling system for companies to use independently in their own facilities.
The storage capacity can be increased upon the request and the compact design allows to change the location of the container easily

Fast Refuelling Time

No cool-down time and less then 6 minutes refuelling time.

Fireproof Boundary Walls

Fireproof boundary walls to decrease minimum safety distance requirements.

Online Remote Control 

Automation (PLC) control panel & telemetry enables online remote control and communication

World First Built-in IPMU

World first Built-in IPMU, – as Integrated Pumping Measuring Unit and Built-in LNG conditioner system for each temperature requirements

Factory Tested Equipment

Fast fully factory tested equipment delivery and documentation for plug & play fast and safe commissioning