Advanced Gas , CWA & Radiation Detector


Accusense is the world’s unique and latest in Chemical Detection technology available from Seer Technologies. It is the perfect field device for the detection, identification, and quantification of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), Chemical War Agents (CWA’s) & Volatile Organic Components.

Accusense uses Dual-Hyphenated Gas Chromatography (DHGC) technology for the separation of chemicals and a proprietary thermal detection system to display concentration levels of multiple chemicals simultaneously. The chemicals and concentration levels are displayed via wireless links to a laptop computer. Identified chemicals and concentrations are automatically displayed relative to published IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) values and displayed on the screen for decision analysis.

Accusense use ‘air ‘as elute gas for GC and eliminates costly consumables unlike other GC technologies in the market and provides an answer for zero maintenance continuous chemical detection technology.

Accusense gives First Responders the power of a laboratory-grade, gaseous chemical detection system in a field-portable unit.

SEER ID Decision Software GUI

The Accusense Chemical Recognition System from SEER performs chemical signature identification based on a database comparison schema – similar to a fingerprint identification process.  SEER uses a Cray™ supercomputer to process a series of very complex algorithms that provide the capability to distinctly separate multiple chemicals – unique chemical signatures that overlay each other in less strenuous analyses.  The chemical signatures created by the Cray are loaded into a SEER ID – software database package that is installed on a SEER‐provided laptop PC and delivered to the customer.  During operation, a complex chemical signature is acquired by the Accusense, matched to the chemical signature database and displayed via an intuitive user interface on the computer screen.

Accusense has the capability to ignore or disregard signatures presented by environmental confusers (dust, diesel fumes, etc.), which therefore enables Accusense not to be confused when identifying and quantifying the various chemicals found in samples.  Accusense was designed to eliminate these confusers from masking the true results. This makes the Accusense more useful and effective in dirty or tainted environments and leads to a chemical signature database comparison schema backbone with extremely low levels of false positives.